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Capital Raising (Financial brokerage/fund intermediation)

The Agribusiness start-up ecosystem requires help with project preparation and raising capital, especially through blended finance, in order to launch new projects. The minimum capital requirement for green fields is estimated to be $2 billion per year. To facilitate this process, we offer digital platforms such as deal rooms and project preparation facilities to source and screen investment opportunities that are then matched with investors and funders. This allows project promoters to easily secure the capital they need to support their business start-ups or expansion projects. Our services are specifically targeted towards project promoters.

Agricultural Asset Trading & Brokerage

The estimated value of underperforming agricultural assets in Nigeria is over $2 billion. We buy and sell these assets and act as brokers for commissions, targeting company owners and investment funds.

Product Brokerage and Market Penetration

 For numerous agricultural small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and local traders, entering both local and international markets can be a daunting task. Our company offers a range of services that can help with trade brokerage, market penetration, and brand development. This includes an online trading platform – www.agribiz.ng – that links buyers with sellers. Our target clients include Agri SMEs, LBAS, exporters, and AgriFinance desks of commercial banks, among others.

Agro-Industrial Park Marketing

We offer investment facilitation services that include local and offshore marketing for owners and developers of industrial parks and free trade zones. Our goal is to attract tenants and developers to their projects. Our principal organization, CDI, is a member of the World Free Trade Zones Organization (WFTZO) located in Dubai, UAE. We cater to a variety of target clients such as Special Agro-Processing Zone owners, Free Trade Zone promoters, State Investment Promotion Agencies, the Ministry of Investment, the Ministry of Agriculture, Real Estate Developers, and more.