The Nigeria Agribusiness Register has hosted deal rooms that have cumulatively generated funding pipelines worth over $61 million within a space of 18 months since March 2019. We contribute to making your agribusiness summits and conferences more rewarding to your participants through our deal room support service!

Deal Rooms are usually held on the sidelines of Summits and conferences. They are transaction platforms that brings Project Promoters seeking debt, equity funding and technical assistance meet face-to-face or virtually with Fund Providers (commercial banks, venture capital funds, private equity funds, and technical assistance service providers, etc.). The aim is to drive deals and make commitments. Also, buyers and sellers of produce can also participate in deal rooms where Anchor buyers can make off-take commitments to a cooperative and other group producers for agricultural produce.

A deal room provides an opportunity to make introductions and provide matches between a project promoter and a funder. A deal room should have a target amount of deals to stimulate all parties working towards this target.

The NAR as a provider of deal room management services offers the following services to our clients.

  • Provide Pre-Event Services (Registrations, participations, partnership solicitation, match-making, logistics, etc)
  • The Deal Room Event Management (Virtual or Real-time)
  • Post Deal Room Activities (Follow-ups, Monitoring and Evaluation, Reporting, etc.)

Some of Our Clients

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