• The facility provides before and aftercare services to foreign direct investors and their projects, and to local project beneficiaries including SMEs, farmers, cooperatives and communities.
  • The TA Facility is managed by the Nigeria Agribusiness Register (NAR) with support from donors.
  • The services listed below are very important to facilitating foreign direct investment into Nigeria and to support export development of products and markets.
  • NAR maintains a database of BDS providers with expertise to offer services to project beneficiaries.

The TAF offers the following broad based business development services in association with technical partners:

C.1. Organize farmers into clusters, training, demonstration and knowledge transfer services; strengthen existing coops, so they can be integrated in global supply chains.
C.2. Offer expertise and promote efficient production technologies in crop and livestock
C.3. Provide market, knowledge and information services to value chain actors,
C.4. Provide feasibility studies, economic analysis, EIAs, to new investors and new projects
C.5. Provide financial linkages and fund intermediation services including addressing access to finance issues for local project beneficiaries and foreign investors through a Blended Finance Facility to be established as a separate project with donor support.
C.6. Provide arrangement for inputs and extension management support for farmers,
cooperatives and production clusters.
C.7. Provide food safety and quality assurance for processors and traders
C.8. Provide advisory services on quality control and improved pre and post-harvest
handling practices for farmers.
C.9. Facilitate commercial linkages between aggregators/exporters and farmers’ cooperatives/clusters for the production and uptake of export oriented crops through the implementation of ‘Export Production Village (EPV)’ initiative of the International Trade Centre.
C.10. Support market development of industrial parks for increased processing of local
produce for export. Attract investors to settle in existing industrial parks.
C.11. Provide recruitment of farm and off-farm labour, technical and management
personnel. provide management assistance and organizational strengthening of farmer’s
cooperatives, industrial park owners, processing companies, aggregators, etc.
C.12. Provide technical assistance and organizational capacity strengthening to the State Investment Promotion Agencies (SIPAs) and the State Export Promotion Agency; and other relevant government agencies involved in agricultural trade and investment promotion activities in the State.
C.13. To conduct assessment studies to define priorities, set targets and undertake baseline studies; undertake regular monitoring and evaluation of project activities to improve implementation performance; report on project success to local and foreign audiences.
C.14. Provide introduction to senior government officials including Mr. Governor, Mr. Vice.
President and key Economic Ministers and government actors relevant to project
development and implementation.
*For sustainability, most of the above services will be cost-shared between the project and
the beneficiaries, with some offered at market based rates as a revenue generator for the
project. This is also the measure by which this project would be sustained after donor
funding comes to an end.
* Additional services may be introduced and some of these removed based on demand. Customer satisfaction and a ‘money back guarantee’ shall be the foundation upon which these services are offered.
*TA Facility is intended to support investments in realizing their developmental potential. Additionally, the TA Facility will pursue research and development activities to promote agribusiness development in Nigeria.

For further information, please contact:
Mr. Nath Odiba
NAR Manager
Email: nodiba@nar.ng
Phone: +234 805 785 7864