The Women in Agribusiness Facility (WiAF – Nigeria) is a project of the Nigeria Agribusiness Register. WiAF’s aim is to bridge the gender gap in the agricultural landscape, recognize and encourage more women agripreneurs in value chains and related industries. In additional, WiAF supports employability and career development of women professionals in the agricultural sector across the spectrum of policy, corporate management, research and development.


Our program initiatives are focused on two broad areas, namely:

  • Developing Women who own Agribusiness: Activities here helps more women own businesses across 15 to 20 agricultural value chains by providing them with online and real-time business development services including outlining investment opportunities for women across the supply chain. This is achieved by identifying gaps that women can fill within the investment spectrum. We work with registered members to fill those gaps and take up those opportunities. Project activities include assisting women with preparation of business plans, preparation of documentations for accessing grants, credits and special funding from the government and other funders. Also provision of small business management trainings to strengthen their ability to manage their operations more profitably and be able to sell more in local and export markets. Plus other on-demand support.
  • Developing Women Employees: Helping women and girls to get corporate jobs in Agriculture and related establishments through Employability trainings, Networking and Internships in medium and large agriculture establishments in up to 20 Value chain companies listed in the Nigeria Agribusiness Register. So far we have provided Employability Training to 100 women to enhance their ability to get agriculture professional jobs in Agricultural Economics, Farm Management positions.


Membership are in two categories: Category 1 – Women who own or are aspiring to own their own agribusinesses. Category 2- women and girls pursuing a professional career in agribusiness at enterprise/corporate, scientific, research and development, and policy levels.


Subscription is open to women in the two membership categories. The following benefits awaits subscribers.

  • Establishing strong alliances with private agri-business companies
  • Organizing B2B & Trade Fairs, buyers and sellers’ meetings
  • Participation in Online market forums & trading
  • Knowledge of grant resources and assistance to apply and win grants
  • Women Economic Inclusion opportunities
  • Inclusion in our Database & Profiling and promotion
  • Awards and recognition activities including high level national ceremonies
  • Lobbying on policy affecting women in agri-business
  • Access to blended finance opportunities
  • Mentoring & coaching
  • Internship in corporate agribusiness establishments
  • Linkages with financial investment institutions & companies
  • Be part of a stronger community of women across the agriculture value chain
  • Share information and opportunities
  • Membership will help you stay connected to our community all year long!
  • Access to exclusive networking events
  • Inclusion in Nigeria Agribusiness Register online digital membership directory to keep you connected within the Nigeria Agribusiness community
  • Contribute articles and updates to be circulated among our subscribers
  • Invitation to our Members Only Events
  • Access to information reports, knowledge Center reports before they become public


Annual membership fee applies.

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WiAF is a project of the Nigeria Agribusiness Register