‘Attracting, Facilitating and Operationalizing Agribusiness Investments'

o An Ecosystem, Enabler Project for Attracting and Operationalizing Food and Agribusiness investments in Nigeria and West Africa with the aim to facilitate US $3.4 billion investments by 2023. 

o Our strength is in turning ‘Investment Intentions’ into actual investments on the ground in real time.

o We facilitate trade between Nigeria, West Africa, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region. We are the agribusiness facilitation project of Commodities Development Initiative (CDI) www.cdi.org.ng

How We Operate

The Register

 Tracks and profiles existing agribusiness establishments and lists them into value chains and supply chains and continuously updates this list. We can provide due diligence information on listed companies.
o   Attracts and facilitates new agribusiness investments with a focus on investments that are above $250k in value from 20 value chains. The Register uses broker-dealer skills to undertake capital raising, financial intermediation and financial brokerage for private project promoters and seeks to facilitate $3.4 billion new agribusiness investments across value chains and supply chains.
o   Works for national and sub national authorities under its ‘Foreign Investor and Attraction Program’, to attract high value investments and provides business development services to help these investments become operational within a short time at the States and local government and linking the investments to local supply chains creating inclusive growth at the community level.
o   Provides online and real-time trade platform for vendors and off-takers of 15 value chains.
o   The Register earns revenue from offered services.
o   The Register covers currently fifteen (15) value chains with additional five to be added. Current value chains include rice, maize, horticulture (including tomatoes), cassava, cashew, gum arabic, groundnut, aquaculture, soybeans, sesame, cotton, yam, coconut, shea, and potato; and six (6) supply chain points including research & development, agro-inputs supply, farming, processing and manufacturing

Our Objectives

  1. Identify, track and profile agribusiness investments with a focus on investments that are above $250k in investment value in selected value chains.
  2. Provide business development services to listed businesses to strengthen and support expansion of their operations; these services are also available to new investors.
  3. Target, attract and operationalize new  domestic and foreign direct investment projects in Nigeria.
  4. Facilitate local and international trade in food and agriculture products
  5. Promote new agriculture technology (AgTech) ventures 

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