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About Us

About Us

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About Us

The Nigeria Agribusiness Register is powered by the Commodity Development Initiative, a social enterprise, in collaboration with Rossland Research. Both organizations were established by Roland Oletu Oroh, who also serves as the founder and CEO of Rossland Group. The Rossland Group is a versatile business development services provider specializing in the agriculture and food sector. Their services encompass research, market intelligence, background checks, and human capital placement, among others.

The inception of the Register was inspired by Roland’s tenure as the Project Manager for Agribusiness and Enterprise Development at the U.S. Agency for International Development from 2010 to 2017. During this period, he oversaw agribusiness development and trade facilitation projects.

The primary objective of the Register is to serve as a repository of information for the agribusiness sector in Nigeria. It plays a pivotal role in fostering new initiatives within the agribusiness realm, often through partnerships with public sector institutions such as the Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Key Operations of the Register

  • Comprehensive Tracking and Profiling: The Register meticulously tracks and profiles existing agribusiness establishments, categorizing them into value chains and supply chains while ensuring continuous updates. Additionally, it offers due diligence information on listed companies.
  • Facilitating Investment: The Register actively attracts and facilitates new agribusiness investments, with a particular focus on investments exceeding $250,000 in value across 20 distinct value chains. Utilizing broker-dealer skills, it engages in capital raising, financial intermediation, and financial brokerage for private project promoters. The ultimate goal is to catalyze $3.4 billion in new agribusiness investments spanning various value and supply chains.
  • Supporting Foreign Investment: Through its ‘Foreign Investor Attraction Program,’ the Register collaborates with national and sub-national authorities to attract high-value investments. It offers comprehensive business development services to expedite the operationalization of these investments, particularly at the state and local government levels, while also fostering connections to local supply chains, thereby promoting inclusive growth at the community level.
  • Online Trade Platform: The Register provides an efficient online and real-time trade platform for vendors and off-takers involved in 15 value chains.
  • Sustainable Revenue Model: Revenue for the Register is generated through the array of services it offers.
  • Inclusive Coverage: Presently, the Register encompasses fifteen (15) value chains, with plans to include an additional five. Current value chains include rice, maize, horticulture (including tomatoes), cassava, cashew, gum arabic, groundnut, aquaculture, soybeans, sesame, cotton, yam, coconut, shea, and potato. It also encompasses six (6) supply chain points, including research & development, agro-inputs supply, farming, processing, and manufacturing.
  • This refined content highlights the key aspects of the Nigeria Agribusiness Register and provides a clearer understanding of its mission and operational scope.