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Cashew Technical Assistance Facility

Cashew Technical Assistance Facility

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Cashew Technical Assistance Facility

About CTAF

The hub for cashew investment facilitation in Nigeria and West Africa

Provides before and aftercare commercial business development services (BDS) to local cashew industry project beneficiaries including SMEs, farmers, cooperatives and communities and foreign direct investors and their projects.

Is managed by the Nigeria Agribusiness Register (NAR) with grant support from donors, development partners, State and Federal Government of Nigeria.

Maintains a database of BDS providers with expertise to offer specialised services to project beneficiaries & promoters in the cashew sector

Maintains a database of BDS providers with expertise to offer specialised services to project beneficiaries & promoters in the cashew sector


To be the hub for cashew investment facilitation in Nigeria and West Africa


To create impact and increase inclusion by supporting cashew project start-ups and scale-ups with information, BDS and access to impact capital (grants, venture capital, etc.) and product markets


To facilitate investments into cashew projects, companies and communities and improve livelihoods, strengthen and connect communities and cashew enterprises with global cashew value chains.

Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Number and value of investments of green field cashew projects (e.g. commercial farming,  processing, aggregation/warehousing) catalysed into operation by CTAF
  • The number and value of investment of inactive & moribund cashew processing companies  revived back into operations
  • Number and value of grants received by small and medium processors for capacity development with farmers
  • Number and value of funds (loans, equity capital) facilitated into the cashew sector
  • Percentage increase in cashew processing capacity as a result of CTAF Activities
  • Volume and value of cashew kernel sold by project beneficiaries
  • Percentage increase in Nigeria’s cashew Kernels export (against baseline) as a result of CFAT activities
  • Number of jobs generated by project beneficiaries (disaggregated by gender) as a result of CTAF interventions
  • Number of farmers who adopt new technologies as a result of CTAF interventions
  • Volume and value of sales by CTAF cashew farmers’ beneficiaries

A 2021 survey of cashew processing capacity in Nigeria reveals the following information:

Active processing plants (15) with an estimated capacity of 55,750 metric tonnes;

Inactive (8 plants) with an estimated capacity of 8,500 metric tonnes;

Planned new investments (6 plants) with an estimated projected capacity of 23,910 metric tonnes

  • Nigeria’s annual harvest is about 300,000 MT per annum
  • About 180,000 MT is traded annually as RCN
  • About 15,000 MT is processed into kernel annually
  • About 10,000 MT kernel volumes are exported annually.

CTAF is working with government and private sector partners to expand Nigeria’s RCN production and processing capacity from the above baseline figures.

Service Areas

C.1. Organize farmers into clusters, training, demonstration and knowledge transfer services; strengthen existing coops, so they can be integrated into global supply chains.
C.2. Provide market, knowledge and information services to value chain actors, and cooperatives.
C.3. Provide feasibility studies, economic analysis, and EIAs, to new investors and new projects 
C.4. Provide financial linkages and fund intermediation services including addressing access to finance issues for local project beneficiaries and foreign investors through a Blended Finance Facility to be established as a separate project with donor support.
C.5. Provide arrangements for inputs and extension management support for farmers, cooperatives and production clusters.
C.6. Provide food safety and quality assurance for processors and traders 
C.8. Provide advisory services on quality control and improved pre and post-harvest handling practices for farmers. 
C.8. Facilitate commercial linkages between aggregators/exporters and farmers’ cooperatives/clusters for the production and uptake of cashew 
C.9. Support market development of industrial parks for increased processing of cashews for export. Attract investors to settle in existing industrial parks. 
C.10. Provide recruitment of farm and off-farm labour, technical and management personnel. Provide management assistance and organizational strengthening of farmer’s cooperatives, industrial park owners, processing companies, aggregators, etc. 
C.11. Provide technical assistance and organizational capacity strengthening to the State Investment Promotion Agencies (SIPAs) and the State Export Promotion Agency for cashew sector development, and other relevant government agencies involved in agricultural trade and investment promotion activities at the State level. 



The Cashew-IN platform aims to facilitate access, understanding, and use of data to improve decision making, improve current data sharing mechanisms and generate better outcomes in the cashew market in Nigeria, Ghana, Cote’Ivoire, Benin and Burkina faso – beneficiary countries of the Pro-Cashew project funded by USDA, implemented by CNFA. The platform was designed and coordinated by Development Gateway.  NAR/CTAF is the implementing partner for the CASHEW-IN Platform in Nigeria.